BINGO Metal Outdoor Chicken Coop 3x8M

Chicken lovers like me will admit that chickens are great pets. They provide us eggs and meat. For me, the best part of raising chickens in my backyard is that I know exactly what is gone into the chickens whose eggs I eat. I personally do not think that chicken keeping is hard and that the key to successful chicken keeping is buying the best home for your chickens. Coops make chickens happy. The day I decided to start backyard chicken farming was the day I started searching the web to find the best coop for my chickens. Out of all the available online options, I choose to order BINGO Metal Outdoor Chicken Coop from (Insert Website Link here). It cost me $699.99, which for me is a fair price, keeping in mind the quality that it offers.

With the wide array of enclosure options that BINGO offers, just like me you can find something that is right for the number of chickens you have. These coops even accommodate possible growth. The reason for buying this metal coop was that I wanted to pair indoor accommodations with wide fenced spaces that will give my chickens the kind of room they need to be comfortable. This also allows for a protective home space that they can use when the weather changes. The best part of shopping from TreasureBox is that there are various options for whatever space you have available, and you can confirm the structures to fit into any shape.

This coop is easy to assemble and the instructions manual is really helpful. But this does not come with anchoring pins or tools, therefore you will have to buy them separately. What I loved about this Outdoor Metal Coop is that it is structured with thick, sturdy and heavy-duty galvanized steel and chain link mesh that ensures my chickens will stay out of trouble. Moreover, the run is covered with powder coated wire mesh with hexagonal grids that allow ultimate ventilation. Its waterproof detachable roof provides the perfect shield from the rain and UV radiations.

I must say that this coop is a combination of innovative design and superior quality materials to take the hassle out of caring for my chickens and ensure their safety and comfort. This chicken coop combines robust and durable design with lightweight materials to ensure flexibility. Truly the best-secured freedom for chickens, rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs and other small domestic animals.

You can order your BINGO Chicken Coop online with TreasureBox today. Full pricing of the items along with their features and specifications is also available so you can compare and select the coop that is best for your budget. Trust me you are never going to regret this purchase decision of yours. Do something special for your feathery friends today by ordering a secure and comfortable coop for them. My chickens love playing in it and I am sure yours will feel the same.


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